Skin Whitening in Today's World

Skin Whitening in Today's World

Skin whitening can quite often be thought of as a "taboo" subject. Many people don't like to talk about the fact that they using bleaching creams whether it be to lighten melasma on the face or to lighten the complexion overall. In today's society even though plastic surgery is accepted as a normal practice, skin whitening or lightening is still considered "taboo", does this make sense to you? Many people may not admit to using bleaching creams but it is done and has been done for a long time in our society. Would you find it okay to discuss this topic amongst your friends or family?

Skin Bleaching in Today's Society

 Using a skin whitening cream such as our 10x cream doesn't necessarily mean that you intend to change your entire complexion, many people just want to have clear, beautiful, glowing skin. It is acceptable to tan, get breast implants, or a brazillian butt lift but for some reason it is not acceptable to lighten the skin even if you're just trying to get rid of acne marks, etc. As everyone knows dark, blotchy skin is never in and everyone wants to put their best foot forward when socializing with others. The self esteem can suffer if you have a face full of acne marks or uneven skin tone from not utilizing sun protection. If it's acceptable to say that you went tanning earlier that day or got a nose job it should be acceptable to say that you are lightening your tone to match your features or your own ideal of what you should look like. 

 Today's society is one of acceptance, at least on the surface but this topic illicit's a negative response from people who do not understand. It should be more accepted today if someone wants to lighten their tone, after all who doesn't want to look and feel their best?

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