Skin Whitening Regimens for The Face and Body

Skin Whitening Regimens for The Face and Body

Skin whitening is a controversial topic no matter if you are lightening sun damage, dark spots, brightening the skin, or if you are choosing to lighten your skin tone from head to toe.  It is definitely the more controversial topic to its counterpart, which is done everyday by millions of people, or in other words tanning.  With that being said, whether one chooses skin whitening, to tan the skin, or any other skin care regimen you should have a set regimen for best results.  Here is the best regimen for lightening darker skin tones, more stubborn hyperpigmentation (dark spots), stubborn melasma, or hard to remove sun damage.


Skin Whitening Regimens


Your skin care regimen for lightening the skin has to be specific, detailed, and done consistently for you to have good results.  Lightening darker skin can take longer, a lot more effort, and be harder than lightening a light or even medium or brown skin tone.

However following this regimen can help to make it a lot easier to lighten the skin (even darker tones) and more stubborn areas of the skin successfully.


Skin Lightening Face Routine:

 Skin Whitening Face Routine

1.  Cleanse using exfoliating and brightening facial scrub daily (instructions say once weekly but for non-sensitive skin types that are used to exfoliating, it can be used daily) or for sensitive skin types use the brightening wash twice daily .


2.  Apply Moisturizing and Even Skin Toner using a cotton ball and upward strokes.


3.  Apply dime sized amount of 20X Gel Creme for face on to the face and the neck (moisturizer + 4 shades lightening)  or the Power Blend Formula (anti-aging + 8 shades lightening, make sure it is allowed to sit on the skin for at least 6-8 hours for maximum results)


4.  For the lips, gently exfoliate using the exfoliating and brightening scrub once daily and apply the advanced lip lightening formula throughout the day, every day and watch pinker lips appear like magic!


Do this routine twice daily but do not use facial scrub twice daily as that can be harsh on the face, use it only once and for the second wash in the PM use this gentle cleansing wash.  


If you have sensitive facial skin use this cleanser twice daily in the AM and PM  instead of the scrub, and for non-sensitive skin types also use this cleanser for the second cleansing of the day without the scrub.



Skin Lightening Body Routine:

Strong Bleaching Treatment for the Body 

A.M. routine-


1.  Shower and cleanse the body with Kojic Acid Bar  and rough weave exfoliating cloth .


2.  Evenly apply Green Tea Moisturizing Lotion with aloe  to all areas below the neck.


3. Apply Semi-Custom Gel Creme for Body  to any very stubborn and hard to lighten areas like the knees, toes, knuckles, and elbows (only if not already even toned).


4.  Apply sunblock (SPF 30 and above) evenly to entire body before going out and do not stand in direct sunlight for long periods of time.


P.M. routine-


1.  Bathe and sit in a tub of luke warm water for at least 10 minutes if possible.  Cleanse the body with Kojic Acid Bar and washcloth (not exfoliating).


2.  Apply Green Tea Lotion to all areas below the neck evenly.


3.  Apply Semi-Custom Gel Creme for Body to all very dark and stubborn areas like the knees, elbows, knuckles, and toes.


Using these routines will give you maximum results and allow you to have spot free, hyperpigmentation free skin in the fastest time possible!

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