Skin Whitening, Skin Lightening, & Skin Brightening

Skin Whitening, Skin Lightening, & Skin Brightening

What is the difference between skin whitening, skin lightening, and skin brightening?  Though these descriptions are sometimes interchangeable, there are a few differences.  In this article we'll discuss the differences and let you know which one is best for you and your skin care goals.

Skin Whitening

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This is the act of making the skin tone more fair.  Usually this is done to lighten areas darkened patches of skin, which is also known as hyperpigmentation however, it is also practiced in order to make the overall skin tone more fair.  This can be done using a variety of products, but the best way to do it without jeopardizing your overall health and the health of your skin is to use natural skin whitening products.  

The best skin whitening cream and all natural skin whitening products that you can use contains sepiwhite msh, and other natural ingredients such as licorice extract, alpha arbutin, natural acids, etc.  Using these kinds of natural products is very good for the skin, not dangerous at all, and help to produce, not only glowing skin, but also has anti-aging benefits as well.  As always, with all of the skin care products that you use, make sure that protect your skin daily with a sunscreen and that your products are made and manufactured in the U.S. under the strict guidelines of the FDA.

Skin Lightening

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To be honest, both skin lightening and skin whitening go hand in hand as skin lightening also makes the area that you're lightening more fair whether it be lightening a spot of hyperpigmentation or lightening the skin up overall.  You can use a skin lightening product on one specific area as a spot treatment so as to lighten only that area or you can use it on a larger area of skin that you'd like to lighten as well.  Using a quality skin lightening cream whether it be for the face or the body can produce great results but again make sure it includes natural ingredients like sepiwhite, alpha arbutin, and natural fruit acids and also make sure to use sunscreen daily.

Skin Brightening

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Skin brightening is something that is desired regardless of skin type, tone, and texture.  Bright skin kissed with a glow of health helps us to look younger, more vibrant, and healthy.  Regardless of whether you are lightening the skin to get rid of hyperpigmentation or even lightening up a couple of shades for aesthetic reasons, bright skin is desired and should be something that comes along with that.  Skin brightening and anti-aging products not only to perfect the skin and tighten the pores, but also help to turn back the hands of time also.  As in the case of skin whitening and skin lightening, skin brightening products also require you to wear sunscreen daily to protect any areas that the products are being applied to.

Products Manufactured in the U.S.A.

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As mentioned above make sure the ingredients can be identified, contain natural ingredients, and are made and manufactured in the U.S. by a licensed facility that is overseen by the FDA.  The reason that it is important that your products are manufactured in the U.S. and overseen by the FDA is because there are strict guidelines and testing that go along with the skincare products made here in the U.S.A. so, this is very, very important.  This is the only way that you can ensure the products you're using are safe for your health, skin, and won't cause any adverse effects after they've been used.



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