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The Benefits Of Lightening Your Skin Or Skin Lightening Products

I have been writing for Tonique Skin Care for about seven years now, an American company, based in Maryland, USA, that makes quality skin lightening products, as well as a new range of anti aging products, the Skin Renew Collection.

Anyway, I was just explaining to one of my team of writers about how there were many reasons to use these products, such as hypo-pigmentation, the condition that Michael Jackson had.

Also that it was advisable not to use hydroquinone, the chemical that he had been prescribed by doctors, because in long term studies, it was shown to cause certain problems such as ochronosis, a thickening of the skin, bruising, etc, in long term use.

However, the long term tests of the natural, over the counter ingredients used in the Tonique line of natural skin whitening products are quite good, there are no bad side effects to speak of, just lighter skin, in a varying range, depending upon which product is used, how much and how often the product is applied.

The results could be a person that has big blotches of light skin, without pigment, or the opposite, patches of very dark skin, hyper-pigmentation can be treated, by lightening the skin completely.

This is the process that the world has seen publicly, with not just Michael, but many Hollywood celebrities, not naming names, but many, and it's a common, and not rare thing these days, almost as common as tanning. If you don't know where to go, I'd recommend sending an email to Marsha at or to talk about the best treatment plan for you and your individual skin.


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