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People have been trying various things to get whiter skin for thousands of years, or even longer. For some, it's a cultural thing, for some a medical thing, but whatever the reason, it's all about getting the method right. The technology has advanced a lot over the years, and there is now a very safe and effective way of bleaching skin gradually from your current shade to a lighter or completely white shade. The chemicals used are alpha arbutin, glycolic acid, sepiwhite FSH, and other natural actives, combined to make potent all natural skin whitening products. The company is based in the US, and has to comply with FDA regulations. We have been in business over ten years and have sold to tens of thousands of satisfied customers who have nothing but positive results to report. There are other companies out there selling products without the same government regulations keeping their products safe, and some chemicals that are used by other less reputable brands can be dangerous. Dangers Of Using Other Products If you use a cream that contains mercury or hydroquinone as the active ingredient for skin whitening, you will be subjecting yourself to the dangerous side effects that come with long term use of those substances. Why do companies still use chemicals which have been shown to have adverse reactions with the user's skin? Because they don't know any better, or the chemicals are less expensive. Only by buying your skin whitening cream from a reputable company that you can trust will you get the right formulation for a home skin bleaching treatment, and it's affordable, but not as affordable as some perhaps. You can get enough chemicals to last for months or even years depending on the area you want to bleach and how strong you want the effect to be for a few hundred dollars. This is the price of one of the package deals on the site, which contain a large selection of the different Tonique products, designed to be used together. You can also buy the individual products for a much lower price, but it's better value to buy in a package. Click on the products tab to take a look at the different options, or send an email to to find out more about what skin whitening treatment option would be best for you, and how to apply the products to get the results you're looking for.

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