underarm whitening

Underarm Whitening

Reasons for Whitening the Underarms

underarm whitening

Though hyperpigmentation of the underarms is not a topic that is discussed very often, many people suffer from it and try to find remedies that make that area of the body even and have the same color as the rest of their body.  Most of the time darkening of the underarms is caused by shaving to keep the area hair free and or deodorant that causes a darker tone in that area.  Though it's not an area that is exposed all the time, many would like it to be even tone so that when wearing sleeveless tops and swimsuits it does not stand out and looks darker from the rest of the body. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting an even and even lighter skin tone like that of a newborn baby before being exposed to all the harsh chemicals and sunlight that causes us to get darker as time passes.  It is important to remember that most of the time, we do not have the skin tone that we were born because of many factors.  Some such factors include exposure to sometimes harsh environmental conditions such as prolonged exposure to sunlight, shaving which can cause ingrown hairs and also cause those areas to darken, using strong and harsh chemicals that don't agree with our skin, such as those in perfumes, detergents, etc., even hard water can cause discoloration of the skin. This may cause one to seek a skin lightening product to lighten these sensitive areas such as the underarms, that have become dark and discolored over time.  Despite the information that can be found about lightening dark underarms, those things are not permanent and will not stop excess melanin production, you must use the appropriate skin whitening/lightening product in order to do that.

How to Go About Underarm Lightening

The underarms are a sensitive part of the body, because anything that you apply to the area will be near the sweat glands and most likely trapped there for a while and not get a lot of air or sunlight.  Anything that you apply to this sensitive area has the potential to be absorbed ten fold by the body.  This makes it even more important and pertinent to make sure that whatever is applied to the underarms is safe, natural, and will not cause any harm if absorbed by the body in large amounts.  Choosing a natural skin whitening option is not only a great way to protect your health but, if you choose the right product you can also have an awesome result!  Most of the time, whatever you put in this sensitive and harder to lighten area can also be used for other hard to lighten areas as well such as the knees, elbows, toes, hands, etc. even though they might not be as sensitive as the underarm area.

How to Whiten the Underarms

Keeping the area clean is paramount in ensuring that you get the best result possible.  The first step is always to cleanse the area first before applying your skin whitening product there.  Most products that lighten the area call for application twice daily so, cleanse both times and before each application.  Once the area is clean you will want to make sure that it is also clean shaven.  Having a lot of hair in the area is a hinderance to your skin whitening product working well because product will rub off on the excess hair instead of the skin and it may not get to all of the skin that you intend to lighten if hair is growing there so, make sure the area is shaved and clear of any hair.  The next step is to apply the product evenly under both arms and hold your arms up in the air to allow it to dry.  It's best to wait until the product is absorbed into the area and dries before applying anything else like deodorant to make sure that you get the most out of your quality skin lightening products because they're not cheap!  You don't have to slather on a thick layer of product because most times a little goes a long way.  Next, apply your deodorant and don't forget to repeat and go through all the steps in order every time you apply your skin lightening product to the underarms.  During the time that you are lightening the area make sure not to expose the area to direct sunlight.  

If you follow these tips for underarm whitening, you will have an even skin tone there and in any other hard to lighten areas in no time!


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