Understanding Melasma and Its Treatment

Understanding Melasma and Its Treatment


Melasma is a dark skin discoloration that normally attacks the facial skin. It is normally caused by increased melanin production which results to patches on the skin. If it becomes severe, the person might look like he has scars from burns wounds. They are not painful or itchy unless the skin gets infected with bacteria or any kind of pathogens which could start releasing pus which is painful and bad smelling. Melasma cannot be spread from one person to another, and it cannot be contracted through sharing clothes.


Causes of Melasma


Generally, the cause is increased melanocyte production. Any factor that leads to the production of excess melanin in your body might cause this condition. The first cause of melasma is thyroid disease where the production of thyroid hormone is completely impaired. When the hormones start to fluctuate in the body, the production of the pigment is enhanced thereby leading to these dark patches occurring. The use of harsh cosmetics could also lead to this condition especially when one keeps on alternating different skin care creams and perfume brands. Other causes include pregnancy, adolescence, birth control, and increased hormonal production.


Signs and Symptoms of the Condition

 severe melasma

There are no any other signs apart from the discoloration of the skin. The patches can invade your lips, face and even your stomach especially when you are pregnant. You need to ensure that you identify the underlying cause for you to be in a position to stop it quickly.  These patches are not painful, and you could even stay with them without causing any harm to you, but they ruin your beauty because you will look like you have burnt wounds. Make sure that you have the best natural approved cosmetic products and do not interchange brands because if you do, you might get the condition.


Treatment of the Condition Melasma

 20x facial lightening cream

Treatment is aimed at reducing the melanocytes production. You can use prescription depigmenting agents like the hydroquinone and the Tretinoin which help in degrading the melanocytes cells. Make sure that you have the best dosage of these compounds to avoid bleaching yourself and looking patchy. You can also use tranexamic acid by mouth which causes lightening of the skin but may cause unwanted side effects. Alternatively, there are skin lightening creams that are developed to make you eliminate melanocytes from your body. These lightening creams are meant to make you have good skin health, tone, and an even glow. They are made from natural ingredients that will not affect your skin negatively even after you use them for a long time.


Chemicals peels are known to be good eliminators of the condition, but they only cure the color issues. You need to get rid of the underlying cause for you to achieve maximum healing of this condition. Avoid exposing your skin to the sun because this is also known to be among the most causes of melasma. Melasma is not a life-threatening condition, but aesthetically it may cause a lot of damage to your beauty, so it is good to know that there are ways to get rid of it and that you don't have to wear makeup daily in order to do so.

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