Using Skin Care Products for Dark Spot Removal and Lightening

Using Skin Care Products for Dark Spot Removal and Lightening

Dark spots, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation are all things so many of us struggle with. They can be stubborn, especially on darker skin tones, and they don’t like to go away with out a fight.

 The key to fading these unwanted marks is a good skincare regimen that focuses on brightening your skin tone and exfoliating dead skin cells to allow the layers underneath to heal and rejuvenate. Lucky for you, we’ve got lots of great, natural products to help rid your skin of those pesky spots.

Skin Care Products for Dark Spot Removal

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Our Brightening Anti-Aging Cleanser is a great first step to dark spot removal. This multifunctional cleanser contains AHAs that help exfoliate the skin, making each wash like a mini peel. AHAs also help with collagen production and cell turnover, making them perfect for correcting sun spots! And even better, they are great for preventing acne, which will in turn help save your skin from possible scarring caused by blemishes.

 If you’re an oily skinned gal, check out our Moisturizing and Brightening Even Skin Toner. This OIL FREE toner (yes, you read that right, no oils!) helps moisturize the skin while preventing breakouts. When a crème or moisturizer is too heavy, this gem is perfect for giving you the right amount of hydration with out being overbearing. This toner contains lots of skin-loving ingredients, including Aloe, which has been shown to greatly improve dark spots and help lighten the skin.

If more moisture is what you need, the Repairing Anti-Aging Whitening Crème is for you! Not only does it help with hyperpigmentation and dryness, but it also fights environmental stressors that can damage your skin. Packed full of skin brightening ingredients, this crème helps support healthy melanin production to stop dark spots in their tracks and give you that glowing, even skin tone you desire. And for your nighttime routine, try the Total Repair Even Tone Whitening Night Crème.

 Tonique customer before and after

 The Tightening & Toning Retinol Exfoliating Resurfacer is a miracle in a bottle. There isn’t anything it can’t do! This little miracle worker helps with resurfacing, minimizing pores, reversing uneven skin tone, & boosting collagen production to help with cell turnover. This is great for sun damage removal as well as correcting dark spots!

 A good regimen is the foundation for healthy, glowing, even skin. Start with your exfoliator (we recommend our Exfoliating and Brightening Facial Scrub to help speed up cell turnover), followed by cleanser, then toner, and apply your crème last for the most productive results. Consistency is also key, make sure you’re following your regimen every morning and night. Results build on each other, so using our products regularly will help give you the results you’re looking for. Use a mask, like our Purifying Clay Mask, at least 3 times a week to really boost your results.

Tonique retinol resurfacer

 Tonique specializes in all natural and multicultural skin care with a focus on anti-aging and dark and sun spot correcting. The best part about it is that our products work. That’s why so many of our customers return time and time again. We use real, natural ingredients to produce real, lasting results. Need more convincing? Check out our beautiful customers’ reviews and before and after pictures here.

 Achieving clear skin doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process. Stick to your regimen, stay consistent, and your results will get better and better. When you give your skin good, natural ingredients, it will thank you!


Have questions or need helping finding which products are best for you? Check out our website and chat with one of our 24/7 customer service representatives. We are here to help you achieve the skin of your dreams! 

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