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What are the Best Creams for Dark Spots?

Darks spots or hyperpigmentation can make you feel self conscious especially if they are on your face, because that is one of the first things people see and notice about you.  Some people use makeup to cover the spots so that they can feel more confident and put their best foot forward but, who wants to put on a full face of makeup everyday even to run a small errand or feel uncomfortable to take a quick dip because your makeup will come off in the pool?  There a way to correct this, and have a fresh faced and flawless look that does not require makeup.


What Causes Dark Spots


There are many reasons for hyperpigmentation, in this case also known as dark spots.  Many times it is due to inflammation from breakouts and acne that has healed and left behind dark spots.  Other causes of dark spots can also include diseases of the skin, sun damage, melasma, etc.  Once the dark spots are gone, it is important to causes of the dark spots, in order to avoid them coming back again.


Dark Spot Removal Cream

The good news is that you can remove dark spots from the face, even the skin tone, and feel more confident and it doesn't have to take forever. Use a natural skin whitening cream to remove your dark spots and have flawless, glowing skin that doesn't require makeup.

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Using a natural skin lightening cream will remove the spots on the face and make the skin glow naturally.  For the body, using a lightening, moisturizing body lotion will even the skin on the body, eliminate dark spots, and allow you to sport a bathing suit and show more skin with confidence!  A formula that requires application twice a day is the best, since that will remove the spots and get you on the road to clear, glowing skin in the shortest time possible.  Washing with a good brightening cleanser that contains aha's will also help to get you glowing, even skin that doesn't require makeup fast.


Sun Protection


brightening sunscreenLast but not least in your quest for flawless skin, using sunscreen daily is a must!  Apply it at least 5 minutes before going out in the day and reapply every every 1-2 hours if you've sweating or have gone swimming.  This way you'll make sure that your skin is protected from the sun and tanning not only while lightening the dark spots but, you'll ensure that once the spots are gone they won't reoccur by applying a brightening sunscreen daily.



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