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What is the Active Ingredient in Skin Lightening Creams?

There are many skin lightening creams available on the market today.  Some of them have questionable ingredients while others focus on lightening hyperpigmentation and the skin overall naturally and focusing on how to get a flawless complexion without harming the skin or the health.

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The Best Skin Lightening Cream Ingredients

Here are some of the ingredients that you should look for in your skin lightening cream:

1. Undecylenoyl phenylalanine aka Sepiwhite MSH-Derived from plant lipids and lightens more than hydroquinone

2. Alpha Arbutin-Extracted from the leaves of the bearberry plant, used to control the overproduction of melanin and is also known as bearberry extract

3. Licorice Extract-Natural skin whitening ingredient and dark spot corrector

4. White Water Lily Flower Extract-is an extract of the flowers of Nymphaea alba, intensely moisturizes the skin, makes it smooth, and makes it more radiant.

5.Aloe Vera Juice-Extracted from the leaves of the aloe plant, even tones and moisturizes the skin

These ingredients can only be found in high quality skin lightening creams.  They not only lighten the skin but also moisturizes, makes the skin healthier, and addresses any underlying issues that may be contributing to hyperpigmentation.

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Bad Skin Lightening Cream Ingredients

There are many active ingredients in skin lightening creams, some good and some bad.  Some ingredients that you should avoid in your skin lightening creams are hydroquinone, mercury, steroids, parabens, etc. All of these are harmful to both the skin and the overall health and should not be used even short term.  Reading the labels will help you to avoid these ingredients but some products contain hidden ingredients not listed on the label so also make sure to use products from a reliable source that has been around a long time. 

For more information on which natural skin lightening creams are best for you and your skin, live chat with a knowledgeable skin care expert 24/7 on the Tonique website.


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