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What is the Best Cream for Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is defined as a dark patch of skin or patches of skin that are darker than the surrounding areas.  Hyperpigmentation can be dark spots or patchy skin caused by acne, melasma, sun damage, skin damage, skin diseases, and much more.  However it happens, patchy skin can cause one to feel self conscious about their appearance.  The good news is that hyperpigmentation can be removed and once it is gone, it doesn't ever have to come back!

Hyperpigmentation Removal Cream

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Not all creams that are made for lightening dark spots and patches are created equal.  Be careful of products that promise complete removal of dark patches and spots overnight and go for something that features natural ingredients that are not harmful to the skin for hyperpigmentation removal.

Natural Creams for Hyperpigmentation

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The best way to ensure that you protect your health and to have flawless skin that is not patchy is to use a skin lightening product that features natural ingredients.  Depending on where the darker patches of skin are located there are different products that should be used and different regimens that should be followed.

Below are some sample skin care regimens for hyperpigmentation removal for both the face and the body:


In the A.M.-

1. Exfoliate the face using a brightening facial scrub.  

2. Cleanse the face using a gentle cleanser

3. Apply natural skin lightening cream.

4. Wait at least five minutes, and apply brightening sunscreen.

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In the P.M-

1. Cleanse the face using a gentle cleanser.

2. Use a brightening toner.

3. Apply natural skin lightening cream.



In the A.M.-

1. Exfoliate and cleanse the skin using an exfoliating cloth and kojic acid bar.

2. Apply skin lightening body lotion.

3. Apply sunscreen to any uncovered areas of the body.


In the P.M.-

Use the kojic acid bar and a washcloth to cleanse the body.

Apply skin lightening body lotion.

Apply semi-custom gel creme for the body to any very stubborn areas of hyperpigmentation like the knees, elbows, toes, or knuckles.


For more information on which products to use to get a flawless appearance live chat with a knowledgeable skin care expert on the Tonique website 24/7.


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