What Your Skin Says About Your Health

What Your Skin Says About Your Health

Believe it or not, health, wellness, fitness, and skincare go hand in hand.  The reason for this is your skin is a gauge of how healthy your body is overall.  Did you know that the condition of your skin can be an indication of how healthy you are?

What's Your Skin Trying to Tell You?

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Dry, dull and dehydrated skin can mean that your overall health is suffering and that special attention should be paid attention to health, diet, and drinking more water.  Dark circles and patches on the skin can mean that there's a hormonal imbalance and that you're not getting enough sleep.  Premature aging, wrinkles, and sun damage can mean that you're stressed out, not taking enough time to relax or spending too much time in the sun.  

Taking care of your health with the right diet, exercising, getting enough sleep, stress management, etc. will almost always give you the glowing skin that you desire.  

How to Have Healthy Skin from the Inside Out

Glowing, hyperpigmentation free skin is always desired aesthetically.  Having a great complexion allows you to go makeup free without fear and apply makeup for special occasions or just when you want to.  Not hiding behind makeup or having to feel self conscious to due to having bad skin is one of the reasons that glowing, flawless skin is desired throughout the world.  Here's how you can have healthy skin by taking care of and living a healthy lifestyle overall.

1. Exercise

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Exercise removes toxins found in the body and these toxins can contribute to breakouts, acne, and a dull tone to the skin so, just get up and do it.  Just make sure that after a good workout, you cleanse the skin so that all the dirt and toxins that come out of the body, don't stay on the surface of the skin and cause even more breakouts.

2. Diet

Eating healthfully is so important not only to maintain your weight and a healthy body, but for glowing skin.  Eating more veggies and fruit helps the body to get much needed vitamins, many of which are crucial to having that makeup-free glow that we all want.  

Making an effort to eat less dairy and meat, and more veggies and fruit will pay off in the long run and you'll see the benefits looking back at you each day in the mirror.  Also, avoid foods that you're allergic too, which can cause breakouts, acne, dark spots and hyperpigmentation and unfortunately even worse skin.  

Remember, to drink lots of water and stay hydrated too.  Drinking lots of water also helps to flush toxins, brighten the skin, and keep in firm and tone.

3. Healthy Skin Care

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Don't use harsh products on the skin and using more natural products are also recommended.  Natural ingredients and glowing, healthy skin also go hand in hand. These products can be used without fear of ruining the skin and can be used long term for a flawless glow.

Using a cleanser with natural fruit acids that both gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin and a natural brightening facial moisturizer daily that not only removes any dark spots, but brightens the skin and keeps hyperpigmentation away is a great start.  Another huge part of your healthy skin care journey should always be using a brightening sunscreen daily in the day, which is good for both your skin and overall health.

For more information on how skin and health can go hand in hand or for product recommendations, press the live chat button on the Tonique site 24/7 and a knowledgeable skin care expert will be here to assist.

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