Which Skin Lightening Products to Use for Your Skin Type

Which Skin Lightening Products to Use for Your Skin Type

There are many different skin lightening products to choose from and it can be confusing if you don't know which products work well along with and for your individual skin type.  The following article will help address which products should be used for your skin type and how to use them.

Lightening Hyperpigmentation and Different Skin Types  

 Dry Skin

Drier skin requires a lot of moisture because of how easily it tends to dry out and and it tends to wrinkle easily due to lack of moisture.  For this skin type it is important to use a great daily skin brightening moisturizer that also helps to brighten the skin, lightens hyperpigmentation, fights wrinkles, and can be used indefinitely.  It is important that it not be too oily or greasy either because even though the skin is dry, super oily or greasy products can still cause breakouts.

Oily Skin 

woman with uneven skin

This is the kind of skin that is acne prone and most of the time is very sensitive to what is applied to it.  It is important to baby this type of skin and also to be mindful not to apply chemicals, formulas that contain a lot of oil or grease, and to cleanse regularly and exfoliate particularly if you apply a lot of products to it regularly like makeup.  Removing hyperpigmentation can be a tricky prospect with this skin type because if it is continually breaking out, there will be no way to stop the dark spots that may come as a result of this so, it is very important to use a light weight dark spot removal cream that won't clog the pores, to keep the skin clean, and to use skin lightening and hyperpigmentation removal products with natural ingredients.  

Combination Skin

Tonique semi-custom gel creme

Combination skin is a combination of both the oily and dry skin type so, you may find that some places on the skin are dry and places like the t-zone may tend to be oily.  This skin type also has a tendency to be sensitive and can breakout also.  It is best to avoid heavy moisturizers that can clog the pores, try using a gel based product to lighten, and to make sure that you use the best quality skin lightening products possible for this skin type.

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