Whitening Cream for Face and Body

Whitening Cream for Face and Body


Many factors can cause a darkening of your natural skin tone and cause your skin to take on a dull, blotchy appearance. This can cause one to lack confidence in their appearance.  Such factors can include but are not limited to sun damage, melasma, acne scars and marks, surgery scars, burns, insect bites, and other trauma to the skin and skin conditions can also cause darkening of the skin or hyperpigmentation.  Natural skin whitening products has and can help to achieve a glowing, smooth, and fair skin that is free of hyperpigmentation and dark marks.  Some of these products also work double time as both skin whitening and anti-aging products which allows you to not only lighten the skin but also addresses skin tone, texture, and elasticity.


How Skin Whiteners Work

 Whitening Cream for the Face and Body


If you are skeptical about using skin whitening products, you need to know how they work so that you can make the right choice for you and your skin. The skin color is normally determined by the intensity of a pigment called melanin. When the concentration of melanin is high, then the skin will always be darker and more resistant to the damaging rays of the sun, and when it is low, it does not have as much resistance to the sun and can be easily damaged by the sun's rays. Sometimes this pigment could accumulate on a certain area which would then cause darkening of that area.  An example of this is the line that runs down the middle of the stomach in the case of pregnancy (linea nigra). Natural skin whitening products work by reducing the dark pigments of the skin safely and naturally to ensure that you attain lighter skin in the area that it is applied, our products also address skin health so, you will have healthier and more fair skin using the Tonique line of products. These products are effective skin whitening products but also natural and do not cause adverse side effects with continued use.


Conditions That Can Be Treated Using Skin Whitening Products

 Color Me Beautiful Package for Face and Body

Removing sun damage from the face or the body or both can be difficult however, using natural skin whitening products can get rid of sun damage permanently. Sun damage normally presents as hyperpigmentation on the skin which could give the skin a blotchy, uneven, and dull appearance. The use of a natural skin whitening product for the face or body or both ensure that you eliminate all the dark patches that can come from sun damage and have an even skin tone again. Breakouts can lead to acne scarring or dark spots that are left on the face long after the breakout has cleared. Freckles, melasma, and even vitiligo can be helped by using these products to lighten and even the tone.


 Ways to Accelerate Your Results

 Brightening and Exfoliating Facial Scrub

There are ways to get the most out of your skin whitening products.  This includes exfoliating at least 3 times per week or even daily.  Exfoliating regularly using a quality  product such as a facial scrub speeds up cell turnover which in turn helps to speed up the process of removing sun damage, hyperpigmentation, melasma, freckles, etc. and evening or lightening the skin tone.  Exfoliating also helps the products that are applied after exfoliation to penetrate more deeply into the skin where it can work a lot better, produce more desirable results, and get you the best results as fast as possible.  Exfoliation is a major part of getting the most and best results from your skin care products whether it be an anti-aging product or a skin whitening cream or lotion.  It is important to exfoliate the face and body regularly which can be done using a loofah, scrub, exfoliating cloth or gloves along with your favorite cleanser, or even specialized brushes that spin in order to remove dead skin cells and speed up cell turnover.

Another way to get the most out of your products and to see the best results is to make sure not to expose the skin to the sun's harmful rays without the use of sunblock or sunscreen.  Even if you use sunblock or sunscreen, it is still not advised to stand out in the sun for long periods of time as these products do not offer 100% and total protection and coverage from the sun.  This is one of the most important steps as doing so protects the health of the skin and is needed whether or not you are removing hyperpigmentation and/or lightening the skin. Regular use of sun block or sunscreen is especially important if you have fair skin but is also important if you have a darker skin tone. 


For more information on which product from our line is right for your skin type, texture, and that can help you to achieve your skin care goals contact us via live chat 24/7 or email us at info@toniqueskincare.com and we will reply within 24 hours.


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