Whitening Products for Skin

Whitening Products for Skin

Why do so many people around the world want to whiten their skin? There are many reasons, cultural, medical, and cosmetic.

Reasons for Skin Whitening

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Some people have marks on their face or skin that they want to cover up. For example, they might have heavy freckles, birthmarks, scars, burns, pregnancy marks, or skin conditions like hypo-pigmentation or hyperpigmentation, the opposite.

This is a pigmentation issue where the skin can go completely white in patches, or in hyper-pigmentation, large dark patches of skin form, from too much melanin.

Other people may just want a lighter complexion, due to the standards of beauty in their country. In many countries around the world, (including in the west), there is a general view that lighter skin is more beautiful.  In order to do this, a quality skin lightening product is recommended.

In India and China, it's seen as a sign of wealth to have lighter skin, because the working class peasants were out there in the rice fields all day, getting a very deep tan, while the upper classes were indoors.

It's a similar thing in the middle east, and Africa, and even African Americans feel that there is a sub-conscious prejudice against them if they have very dark skin, or sometimes it's very obvious there is that view.

Is Lighter Skin More Attractive?

Whitening Products for the Skin

Studies have been done that show that people around the world, not just white people, find a lighter skinned person to be more beautiful, and other studies show that people find beautiful people more trustworthy, and expect them to be nicer to talk to.

It affects business dealings, applying for jobs, finding a partner, almost every aspect of life to some extent, if you feel, or are seen to be different from the majority.

It's also true that some really white people want to have darker skin, and get a tan, but that's another topic of conversation.

Safe Skin Whitening Products

Safe Skin Whitening Products

The Tonique range of skin whitening products on this site are American made, FDA approved, and use safe and effective chemicals which can be used for many years to maintain stable results.

Check out the products page and browse the range of different creams and lotions available, the best deals are the packages, because they have everything you need for months of skin whitening treatments, at a massively reduced cost when bought together.

The active ingredients are alpha arbutin, glycolic acid, and sepiwhite MSH, which are well known chemicals which are totally safe for long term use, when used as directed.

Everything on the site can be delivered worldwide, just click on the payment buttons to purchase, and give your address if needed.

You can talk to the support team at sales@toniqueskincare.com if you have any questions about which products you should use for your individual skin, and how to apply them.

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