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Why You Should Use Natural Products to Remove Hyperpigmentation

High quality products using natural ingredients are the best option when it comes to removing hyperpigmentation from the skin.  Hyperpigmentation includes dark spots, acne scars, sun damage, and any other darkening of the skin. 

Natural Skin Lightening Products

Using natural, high quality products that do not contain chemicals ensure that you don't harm your health or your skin.  The best natural skin lightening products contain ingredients that address not only hyperpigmentation but also skin health.  Ensuring that the skin is moisturized and healthy is the best foundation for making sure that you will not only remove dark spots but be left with bright, healthy, and flawless skin.  What could be better than that?

Tonique 10x Cream

The best course of action is to make sure that you have a dedicated skin care regimen.  It should include a brightening cleanser that contains aha's or natural alpha hydroxy acids, a brightening toner that contain's aha's, and a natural skin lightening cream that contains lightening ingredients that come from nature like sepiwhite msh.  It is important to use products that include ingredients like aha's and natural lightening ingredients because they allow the products that you use to penetrated the top layer of the skin and to get down below the surface where they can be more effective.  That way you can be sure that when you're applying your skin care products they are working efficiently to brighten, lighten and clear hyperpigmentation rapidly.

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Sun protection is also going to be another important factor in your skin care regimen for removing dark patches or other darkening of the skin.  Did you know that even when it's raining it is possible to get a sun burn?  In short after cleansing, toning, and applying your skin lightening cream in the day, you should make a habit of also applying sunscreen as well.  For the purposes of skin lightening a brightening sunscreen is preferable and will also help to speed up the process.  Sunscreen is only needed during the day, at night it is not necessary. 

How Long Will It Take to Remove Dark Spots or Hyperpigmentation

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Each individual is different so, the time it takes will depend on each person, how easily or hard it is to lighten their skin, their skin care goals, how consistent they are with their regimen, etc.  One thing is true for everyone that wants to remove dark spots, sun damage, and all other types of hyperpigmentation for flawless skin however, and that is a consistent skin care regimen must be followed.  While using high quality skin care products expect the first results in roughly 3-5 days, and for harder to lighten very stubborn hyperpigmentation 7-10 days.

For more information on which products you should use for your skin type in order to get the best results possible, live chat with a knowledgeable customer service rep on the Tonique site 24/7!

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