Skin Care Regimens for Glowing Skin

spotless skin routine

Spring Routine for Spotless and Fair Skin (Face)


1. Cleanse using exfoliating and brightening facial scrub daily  (instructions say once daily but for non-sensitive skin types that are used to exfoliating, it can be used daily)


2. Apply Moisturizing and Even Skin Toner using a cotton ball and upward strokes  


3. Apply dime sized amount of Semi-Custom Gel Creme for face on to the face and the neck  (make sure it is allowed to sit on the skin for at least 6-8 hours for maximum results)


4. For the lips, gently exfoliate using the exfoliating and brightening scrub once daily and apply the advanced lip lightening formula throughout the day, every day and watch pinker lips appear like magic! 


Do this routine twice daily but do not use facial scrub twice daily, use it only once.  If you have sensitive skin use this cleanser instead of the scrub, and for non-sensitive skin types also use this cleanser for the second cleansing of the day without the scrub.


This routine will give you maximum results and allow you to have spot free, hyperpigmentation free facial skin in the fastest time possible!